Well we got a taste of it this year. The Wii, PlayStation move, and then the Kinect. Thats listed in order, but the the wii came before 2010. Well wether you like it or not motion gaming is here and will most likely be here for good. Many do like it, as it gets you moving around while playing video games. It is more healthy then just siting on your couch with a remote. The Kinect especially stresses that as you(literally) are the controller. The Video Camera’s go on top of the TV and pick you up. The one bad thing about the Kinect is the length of time it takes to start a game. You must have patience to own a kinect. The PlayStation move is almost the same as the kinect but you have to use a controller. The wii is just a controller and motion sensor bar that goes on top of the TV, so no camera. We personally think Kinect is starting something here. What do you think?, let us know but commenting below.


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