The latest technology for Cisco is the Cisco Umi. They have demos of it roving all around the United States. Yesterday while I was at Boca Town Center in Florida, we had a demo of it. It is a video chat system; a very advanced one at that. It retails for around $500. With a $24.95 a month service fee, it not a contract monthly payments. So, the demo was around 10 minutes and here is what we thought of it.

The demo itself was very nice. A short 10 to 15 minutes. There is a HD Video Camera that goes on top of the TV and a box that goes under the TV. First of all the quality is great, it is a full HD quality. If you have the 3-6 MBP’s. If you have 1-2 MBP’s, it is in normal quality. Regardless of it either or is a good quality. The sound is very crisp. You have “Umi” friends who are on your Buddy List; they call you and you can call them. It also allows you to call and Google Video friends. This is a very nice add-on. You can also use it as a video camera, to record videos and post on YouTube or Facebook directly from the TV. When you write something it may so up backwards, this is a downside. Overall it is a very nice product.

Overall the product is very nice. We do not see it catching for a long time though, due to the price of the Unit and then the monthly fees. Check it out on Cisco’s Website see if the demo is near you!


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