So this is some pretty cool facts that Democracy UK has released. Have any of you wondered what happens in 20 minutes on Facebook? Well if you did you now find out. There are millions of people always on Facebook, so many of them probably do many things on the site. So that means there are millions of everything that Facebook has to offer all going on at once. Check it out below.

  • 1 million links are shared
  • 1.32 million photos are tagged
  • 1.48 million event invitations are sent out
  • 1.59 million wall posts are published
  • 1.85 million status updates are posted
  • 2.72 million photos are uploaded
  • 4.63 million messages are sent
  • 10.21 million comments hit the site.

Pretty amazing right, we think so. Some of them are probably yours.


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