Back To The Future was a hit movie series. Now in 2010 it has finally become a game. We here at NJTechReviews give you a in depth look at “Episode 1 It’s About Time”. The games are very similar to the movies, so if you enjoyed the movies you will enjoy the game.

From the start of the game to the end it draws you in. You feel intact with the Story Line. In the beginning it starts off in a flashback mode. It is not a difficult to understand flashback but a very simple flashback. It lays out the line for the story. The dialogue for your character is chosen by you. This is very nice touch to the game. It give you 4 or 5 choices and you choose what the character should say. It is like choose your own adventure in that way. It lets you decide the plot line or at least change it a little. From the flash back you wake up in bed. Your are “Marty McFly”, this is who you control for the whole First Episode. It is a nice character. From there it puts your right into the story. You go to Doc’s estate sale and find some stuff that is important but, lets not spoil the game for you. A couple of more minutes in you “Go Back To The Future” and help solve a major issue. It is a very fun challenge. The game controls are quite simple you use your mouse to select your dialogue or click to go to another character. Besides that you can use the arrow keys to wake around. The spacebar also pauses the game. The only issue with the the game is that there is some curse words in it. We did not find a way to shut it off, but a simple fix is to shut off the sounds when you hear it. A great tool in the game is that it has a built in “hints” option. Through out the game you are presented with brain-teasers. This is how you progress throughout the story. If you re stuck on the brain teaser you can use the “hints”. At a maximum they will give you 4 hints. Normally the first 1 or 2 hints will get your brain moving. This will enable you to solve the puzzles and teasers. You can also choose to turn these on off in the menu. You also have many other options that you can turn on or off in the menu. The two most difficult puzzles/teasers of the game are in the Soup Kitchen and in the final scene. Another important tool to use if you are stuck is the Game Forum on the website, it sure did help us a lot especially in these situations. The game will pull you in and you might even complete  the first episode in one sitting. There is nothing wrong with that. However you will have to wait till February for Episode 2. Overall the game is great, the video graphics are very nice. The interface of the game is great, only difficult part is sometimes the walking. However we believe that you will get past this minor delay very easily. Overall the game is great and we recommend  it to all. Wether you have seen the movie or not you will Love This Game. Back To The Future is available for the Mac and PC right now. You can get all 5 Episodes for the low price of only $24.95! You download the game from the website, it is a very easy installation. You can buy it here: . It will be available for the PS3 and iPad in early 2011. Enjoy your Time Travels!


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