Big new from Vizio today and this is only one part of it. This is the first of there major new products for 2011. A new line of 3D HDTVs up to a 71 inch size. This is amazing, for 3D. As many called it including ourselves 3D is going to be huge in 2011. This is most likely just the start of it. So lets get some info on these TVs. The sizes range from 22-71 inches. They are calling it, “crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D that’s up to 2x brighter and significantly reduces crosstalk compared to current Active Shutter LCD TVs. Best of all, Theater 3D eye wear is battery-free, lightweight and comfortable, works with most 3D movie theaters, and will be available in a range of styles and colors from brand name designers.”. This is a major improvement from what we have seen in the 3D market already. It is going to be completely “Flicker-Free 3D”. This is a very nice touch. Mathew McRae, Vizio’s Chief Technology Officer has said this, “Theater 3D is a significant move forward from the conventional Active Shutter TVs introduced last year, Users immediately experience a brighter picture, no flicker, less crosstalk, and the comfortable glasses enabling them to enjoy the content without the technology getting in the way.  And by making this next generation 3D affordable VIZIO aims to fulfill our brand promise of Entertainment Freedom for All.” So they are not just marketing these TVs to the rich but, to people who do not want to spend a lot of money on these 3D TVs. So Vizio has found a way to make 3D cheaper, this something that the other companies have yet been able to do. There will be 3 types of 3D TVs offered from Vizio; E Series, M Series, XVT Series. These are listed in the order of quality. They listed the XVT Series are ultra high performance 3D. This does not mean that the E or M series will not suit the average person looking for a nice and affordable 3D TV. They will be shipping this spring.


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