This is the last of the big news from Vizio at least for now. Along with the new line of 3D TVs they also have released a Tablet and a Smart phone. Vizio is now getting into mobile devices. The smart phone has a 4inch multi touch screen, the tablet has a 8inch multi touch screen. They will both be running on the Android Platform, which will allow users to get more apps at the Android MarketPlace. Let’s talk about the “Via Phone”. The phone has 5 Mega pixel camera for HD photos and videos. It also has a front facing camera for Video Chatting on the go. Both the tablet and the phone include HDMI outputs and a built-in universal remote app. The tablet itself has 3 speakers for stereo audio and a front facing camera for video chatting. They will both have access to Vizio’s new Internet Apps. Matthew McRae Vizio’s chief technology officer had to say this, ““Both the VIA phone and tablet feature the highest performance coupled with innovative features that tie them into the media consumption experience, And by integrating the VIA Plus user experience also found on our next generation TVs and Blu-ray devices, VIZIO is delivering the multi-screen, unified ecosystem others have talked about for years and never delivered.”. This is very nice that everything will finally be connected.  The phone has 1GHz processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth connectivity, 4” high-resolution capacitive touch screen, GPS, a Micro SD card slot for memory expansion and HDMI output. These are very nice specs. The Tablet has 1 GHz processor, , GPS, a Micro SD card slot for additional memory expansion, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Blue-tooth connectivity, HDMI output, an 8” high-resolution capacitive touch screen, front-facing camera for video chats. It also has a very nice 3 Speaker System built in. Mr. McRae also stated, “As part of the VIA Plus ecosystem, the VIA phone and tablet are natural extensions of the HD entertainment experience that historically has centered around the TV.Whether consumers are looking to enjoy content on the big screen, on their tablet or on a mobile phone, VIA Plus delivers on the promise of Entertainment Freedom for All by creating a rich and consistent user experience across all devices that’s accessible to everyone, from the power user to the casual browser.”. This is nice, so it will work whether or not you have the TV. However it will still offer many of the great features with out the TV. Overall the “Via Phone” and the “Via Tablet”, look like awesome devices! We cannot wait until we can get our hands on them. We hope you like them just as much as we do!


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