Very big new from CES today, specifically dealing with AT&T. As many of you know there have been lots of rumors going around that AT&T would so be lunching a 4G LTE Network. Well they finally answered that question, and we were all right! They have many great new products coming with the 4G LTE Network as well. Let’s talk about the main stuff.

  • They will have Motorolla’s latest tablet, will be the first 4G Tablet. It has: 10.1-inch display, dual core Tegra 2, , Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS.
  • Sticking with tablets they will have the first LTE tablets as well.
  • They will have 12 New Android Devices coming in 2011.
  • 20 New 4G Devices Includes, Modems, Phones, and Mobile Hot spots.
  • The Blackberry Torch and Windows Phone 7’s have been selling great.
  • New phones from, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola.
  • The ATRIX 4G. A phone with a laptop dock built into it. Turns your phone essentially into a Laptop

So that is just naming a few, from today’s big announcements. We will let you know when more details come out!


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