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A great day for Toyota at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show! They have unveiled 2 new fantastic Pruis Models! It is the new Pruis V and the Prius C Concept! They are both great cars, and potentially could take over the market. Let’s start off with the Prius V. Many of you are probably wondering what the “V” stand for well it sands for “Versatility”. It is also being marketed for Young, Active Families. They say that it will meet the needs meet the needs of growing families with active lifestyles while providing the same attributes traditionally found in the Prius DNA. It will also feature 50% more interior cargo space. Overall the car is great and we see it mainly being used for young active families. Know lets talk about the Prius C Concept! The “C” stands for “city”. They are marketing the car as a small “city” centric hybrid vehicle. The car is mainly for small families who want a eco-freindy fun-to-drive prius. Overall the vehicle is very urban, which gives it a very nice feel. One other thing Toyota came out with today was, “Prius Plug-In Vehicle: the Best of Both Worlds”. The new Pruis Plug-ins will be great. However these vehicles will on be available in 14 west/east coast cites/states. Eventually it will come to the whole market. Overall the new lineup of Toyota’s Pruis’s are looking great! The specs will be listed below. They will be coming to a dealership near you soon!


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