Wow, so a lot of games coming out this year and NJTechReviews wanted to tell you the games we think are going to be great and should be pre-ordered…

Wii Games:

Mario Sports Mix: This upcoming Mario Sports game features some of the sports long forgotten by gaming. Games like Hockey and Dodgeball are included, and this seems like more of a family game than anything else. (but what do you expect, this is nintendo) PRICE: $49.99

The Conduit 2 : Based off the original The Conduit, The Conduit 2 is a First-Person Shooter that really shows the Wii’s strong points. With some new features such as sprinting and a better online server, the Conduit 2 should be a blast, just like the first game. PRICE: $49.99

De Blob 2: The “Inkies” return in another plot to make the world bland and colorless. You play as Blob, and your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen by going through the levels and spreading color everywhere. That may sound dumb, but believe me, its extremely fun. PRICE $39.99


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