In CityVille, you can make 2 kinds of cities.

City number 1

  • every building has road access
  • City looks “Real”
  • City has a commercial and a Residential District
  • large open spaces
  • great for showing off to friends
  • Farming and storage doesn’t take up much space
  • looks like Sam’s city
  • wont generate much wealth

City number 2

  • has little to no roads (to save space)
  • Only houses and businesses have access
  • City is crammed and there is no space
  • Community buildings and HQ don’t have access
  • City looks “fake”
  • you would not want to live here
  • Farm and storage takes up about 1/4 of entire city
  • makes more money than city number 1

It is usually a good idea to build city number 2 until you are a very high level (50+). After you raise a huge amount of money and you have a lot of extra space you can begin to make your city look nice. It is smart to leave a Very large piece of contiguous open land so you can write messages with decorations(great for contest photos) While making your city beautiful, don’t demolish too many money generating buildings, because it is very hard to run a lv. 60 city without Gratuitous amounts of cash and goods.


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