Last Saturday, NJTechReviews hit the boat show! It was a great day in the city. The show was quite big, but was a little smaller than last year. It still showed off many great boast though. One thing that we noticed was there were a lot more booths than boats. A lot of the booths were show casing products you could buy right there. In the boat part of the show, they had a bell that would ring when they sold a boat. We heard it ring only once or twice. However we asked a worker, he said that they have been selling a good amount of boats, even a little better than last year. He also said there showing signs of getting out of the recession in the boat market. One great new technology was being shown off at the “West Marine Booth”. It is a heat camera. Not a light imaging camera, but it sees heat. This used at night when your pulling into a harbor, it uses heat to show you whats in front of you. It also gives you clear detail during the day if you use it. It comes a couple different models and it retails for the price of $2,500. So if you take trips with your boats a lot, this may be a great investment for you. The part of the show were the boats were, very busy. This was the most Jam-Packed area of the show. Some of the lines to look at boats stretched on for what seemed like forever. There were some very nice boats that we did get to see, and go on. Overall the show was a great time. Also check back soon to see the great contests that will be posted. Stay Tuned!


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