Best Buy finally officially announces it. The “Buy Back Program”! It has been being spoken about for weeks, and it is finally here. The premiere commercial will air tonight during the super bowl. It is a great program that will help you save money. Putting it simple is you get the “Buy Back Program ” for you product and when you get rid of it they will give you some money for it. The money will be in the form of a BestBuy Gift Card. The program it self is able for, TVs, Mobile Phone’s, Tablet’s, Laptops, and Netbooks. It seems like it will be a great program, that will definitely save people money. However the program itself is only free for a limited time. After that it looks like it will cost $99 for a TV. This sis what it has in the photo on the page. The price may range from product to product, but it’s some were around there. Ah but, remember it’s for 4-Years of the “Buy Back Program”. However it is 2-Years for anything but, TVs. For TVs it 4-Years, as the life of a TV will be more than that of the others. BestBuy is saying that the product will give you 3 things:

  • Assurance:
    We’ll buy back your product, regardless of supply and demand
  • Transparency:
    You’ll know exactly how much your product is worth upfront, without guessing or haggling about the price
  • Convenience:

In-store redemption and instant Best Buy® gift card

We believe that the program will give you just that. It may not be worth the money for everyone. If you plan to keep the TV for over 4-Years it does not make sense to get it. So, it it good for some people and bad for others. Remember it is not a warranty, even though it may seem like one. Best Buy has great idea here, so to put it simple your putting money out to get money back. So, if you want to get one but don’t one to the money out go buy it during the limited time offer. We have no idea how long the limited time offer will last,so your best bet is to go out and buy your new device today or tomorrow. They might give more info on the Limited Time Offer during there Super Bowl commercial tonight. So, overall we suggest you give it try. We think its going to be a great program. You can check out the web page for it here:

In The Email From Best Buy It Sate’s This: “But hurry, FREE offer ends 2/12/11.


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