Well, it has been in the news lately. It has also been confirmed by sources like “Bloomberg” and “Boy Genius Report”. It would be great if it comes true. We are just waiting for some info from the BlackBerry on whether or not this rumor is true. It would be great to see the Android Market expand, to devices other than Android. It would also mean more money for Google and the Android Developers. This is never a bad thing. It would also open up the playbook to more than just a business crowd. It could open it up to all people, and potentially make a huge dent in the Tablet Market. However it could also bomb and turn out to be waste of time and money. Time will have to tell on this one. It all depends how and what the public think of it. If they think it’s good, it will have the potential to become a great product. If they think its bad, it will not be a good product. We will just have to wait and see.


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