Big things do indeed come in small packages. The unit it self is not that big, it is about the size of a remote control. It is powerful as it pulls through everything you puts in it. It also scans it at the same time. In the box it self it has, the scanner, USB Cable, & the Quick Start Guide. The first impression we got when we did our first scan was “wow”. It does the job well. However it is not human. So remember if you are scanning in a receipt, when it analyses it. It may not get everything, this was expected by us. If it doesn’t you can just manually type it in your self. There will be a full gallery of photos at the bottom. Now lets start the full review.

“NeatReceipts” Scanner

First of all the scanner is not big at all, it is quite small. When you first open the box, it says “Get ready for a paper-free life.” . For some people you will achieve this, for others you may not. However it will help you get more organized. The scanner is not the fastest but it gets the job done. The longer the receipt the longer it will take to complete the scan. After it is done scanning the Software process it and analyse it. This is how it finds what is on the receipt and catalogs it. You can then export it to other applications. The scanner itself is powered by the USB cord. There is no internal or external battery. This is nice because then you don’t have to replace batteries every so often. When it is plugged in via the USB it does not get hot. Overall the scanner it self is very nice.


NeatWorks is the companion software to NeatReceipts. It is a very well designed program. It also extremely easy to use. When you first launch it, will give you a brief overview of the software and of the scanner. It will also so you how to register it, if you wanted to. The Serial Number can be found on the bottom of the unit it self. The software it self has a preloaded document and contact in it. It is used as demo when you are first looking around in the Application. When you are ready to scan. You can either click in the program (top left hand corner) or push down the button on the unit it self. The “Inbox” is were everything you scan in shows up. From there it is organized into, “Receipt, Contact, or Document”. From their you can export in many different files, or directly to another application. For instance if you scan in a business card. Once it analyzes it, you can export the info in your “Address Book”. This works the same if you want to export a “Receipt” and its information to another program. Or if you want to attach a “Document” to an email or save it on your desktop. Overall the Software is superb.

Wrap Up

Overall NeatReceipts is great. Every once in a while it will not read it properly, but 90% of the time it will give you the important stuff that’s on the Receipt or that’s on the Business Card. The PDF works great if you wrote something by hand and need to put it in an email, you can just scan export and then send it. It is just as simple as that. The one thing that might stop people from buying the Scanner is the price. The scanner it self costs, $199.95. This price is for the PC and Mac version. NeatReceitps is available for purchase here. We would like to thank “Neat” for providing us with a copy of “NeatReceipts”.


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