We gave you the Unboxing Video and Photo Gallery. Now, it is time for the full review on the TMobile G2 By HTC. While there are many different Android Phones on the market, only a couple of them become the “best”. We think that G2 is definitely one of the best Android Smart-phones out on the market. Overall the call quality is very nice. There will be a full photo gallery at the end. Now let’s get started with the full review on the TMobile G2 By HTC.


The phone has a nice design to it. It also has some pretty great stuff on the inside. To start off this phone was specifically designed for TMobiles HSPA+ Network. The phone’s processor is a Qualcomm MSM7230, this has 800 MHz. It’s OS(Operating System) is Android’s 2.2, froyo, it also has HTC Sense built into it. It has 2 layers of ram, 4GB & 512MB. It runs very fast. It comes with a 8GB micro SD card that is pre-installed into the unit. It can support up to a 32MB card. The display is 3.7″. The batteries talk time is 6.5 hours and it’s standby time is 17.5 days. It is compatible with HSPA, Blue-tooth, WiFi, & GPS. Overall, it has some great hardware in it. The dimensions of the phone are 4.68″(L) x 2.38″(W) x 0.58″(T). As you can see it is a very thin phone. The hardware is top notch for a phone.


While there is no “front facing” camera on this phone. The phone has one camera on the back of the phone. The camera is 5 mega-pixels. It also has auto focus built in, this is a great feature. One of the best features about the phone is that it records video in 720p HD. This is just one of the many options for video recording. Overall, the camera on the phone is great.

OS(Operating System)

The TMobile G2 By HTC, runs Android 2.2. The code name is “Froyo”. This is a state of the art OS(Operating System) its runs very smooth on the phone. One of the best features about the phone is that it has a 7 page home screen. It also has widget support. Many of the apps in the Android Marketplace support widget. For instance FaceBook has a widget that allows you to look at the latest status updates. It also has many great “Google Applications” preloaded onto the device. If you don’t want them you can simply delete them off the phone. Overall Android 2.2 (Froyo) is a great OS(Operating System).

Phone-Call Quality

The phone it self works great as just a “phone”. It is very easy to access the phone, you just simply hit the button on the bottom of the screen that looks like a phone. The phone app automatically launches to the keypad screen. The reception on the phone is superb. One great feature is that you can make calls over “WiFi”. It is called “WiFi Calling”. From the WiFi you’re connected  to “T-Mobile Network”. It takes a couple of minutes and then it will pop up with “Ready”. It is great for people who do not have good coverage with T-Mobile in your area. It makes your eervice better. The sound-piece on the TMobile G2 by HTC is superior. It has great reception in our area. Of course this could vary from place to place. It all depends on how good TMobile’s service is in your area. If it’s not that good you can try WiFi calling it should help. Overall the G2 works great at what it is supposed to do- make and receive phone calls.


So, we decided to do a speed test on the T-Mobile G2 By HTC. Our speed test was done with “http://speedtest.net”.

-Download 1.54 Mb/s

-Upload 1.14 Mb/s

-Ping- 101 ms

Overall the speed is great, keep in mind this was done with our T-Mobile connection. It is a very fast network.

Android Market

The Android Market may be one of the best App Stores out there. It is set up very nice. They offer many great apps, they have a bunch of categories. They are all available at your desire. There are paid and free apps. Some prices are more steep then others, but many of them are well worth it. The phone it self comes loaded with almost all of Google’s Apps; make sure to check them out. One of our favorite apps is “Angry Birds“. There are two versions the original and “Angry Birds Seasons“. Both of them are great games. It is the top rated free app in the Market. We suggest you try the game out, it is a lot of fun. The “FaceBook” and “Twitter” apps are also really great. These apps are awesome because they have the option to be widgets. For instance when you make the widget, the “FaceBook” one shows you the latest status updates. The “Twitter” one shows you the latest tweets. Overall the Market offers some great apps.


The G2 is phenomenal phone. It is also one of the best Smart-Phones on the market. The hardware is built very well, no cost was spared here. The internal hardware is amazing, you can also really see the speed when your running the phone. Everything loads much faster than other Android phones. The camera is great, especially that it can record in HD 720p video. It will be great for recording video and then streaming it straight to YouTube. Android 2.2(froyo) runs perfectly on the T-Mobile G2 by HTC. It runs faster than the other devices we have seen it on. The phone call quality is very good. The call quality is great whether it on speaker phone or next to your ear. The quality is excellent even if you’re calling another phone that does not have good service. The speed test  gave us some great results from the T-Mobile network. The download and upload speeds were awesome. Overall the T-Mobile G2 by HTC is a fantastic phone. It is also available for $249.99 with a Two-Year contract from T-Mobile. The price may be a little high but it is well worth it if you are looking for a superior smart phone. Once again thank you very much to HTC for providing us with the T-Mobile G2 By HTC.


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