Hey everybody.  Are you tired of having a computer that is always out of date?  Do you want to be able to play the latest games without having to spend thousands of dollars on a powerful computer.  Well Onlive does all these things and more.  Onlive is an online video game on demand program that lets you play many games through your computer or TV. You can buy games on your account and then play them on any Onlive capable devices.  Playing games on the computer is easy.  All you do is install the application and make an account.  When you want to play a game, all the possessing is done on their  servers so you don’t need to download anything, and your computer doesn’t need to do much work allowing any computer to play any game no matter how fast it is.   Unfortunately though the games lag quite frequently due to the fact that you could be receiving information from across the world.  Onlive has also created a console which you plug into your TV which allows you to play all the games on your account with an X-Box or PS3 like controller on a big screen. Since it uses your account, you can start one game on your computer and finish it up on your TV.  I think that this is a revolutionary idea that may hold the future to gaming.  I would recommend trying this program out, making an account is easy and free and Onlive has many free demos so you can use it without paying a cent. To get started with Onlive click here http://www.onlive.com


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