The tablet that is expected to be one of the best of the year is finally here. The Motorola XOOM is a whopping 10.1 inches. It is like your own personal TV. It is the first tablet to run Honeycomb. This is the OS from Android designed specifically for tablets. While there at not many apps yet, that are specifically meant for tablets; the number is growing by the day. The first impression with tablet, is pure aw. It is very lightweight and it has a little thickness to it. Thickness is not always a bad thing. It also has 2 rockin’ cameras. There will be a photo gallery at the bottom but for now, lets start the full review!

The Body

The XOOM it self has a very smooth body. This makes it very easy to hold. It comes in black. There are no buttons on the front at all, in fact there are only 3 buttons on the unit it self.  On the front of the unit it says “Motorola” and “Verizon” in the top corners. While in the middle of the top we have the front facing camera. There are a few lights on the front, like the privacy light and the charging light. When you turn the unit on, via the button on the back, the home and back buttons appear on the screen after you unlock the device. Having most of the buttons built into the OS makes the unit very sleek with almost no bumps anywhere on the unit. The back of the unit is very sleek as well. There is only one button on the back which is the power button. The camera and the 2 speakers are on the back. The camera also has a flash located right next to it. This makes it very easy to take photos or film video at night. On the back it has the Motorola symbol, “Google” and “Verizon” on the back. Besides that you have some copyright info there as well. Overall the body of the unit is very nice.


The battery on the unit is very nice. With the battery you get up to 10 Hours of video playback. However if you are using the device for web browsing email, and apps. You will most likely get more battery life. The battery life is pretty good.

Wireless/3G/4G LTE

Lets start off with wireless/WiFi. If you have good Wifi/wireless than you will have a very nice Internet connection on the device. Keep in mind though you will have Verizon’s 3G/4G LTE network as well. While your at home you probably will want to go with 3G so you don’t overrun your data plan. Verizon’s 3G is superb in our area. 3G connectivity all depends on where you are. Luckily Verizon’s 3G Network is pretty good almost everywhere in the US. So there should be no issues there. Now the XOOM is upgradable to 4G. You send it out to Motorola and in about a week you will get your unit back with 4G Capabilities. This is free of charge. However Verizon/Motorola have not give us a date yet, for when they will start doing this. However because of this upgrade it may “future-proof” the technology for you. It is always nice to know that when you buy this great new technology, that it will not be old in the next month or two. We do recommend doing the 4G upgrade when it becomes available. As usual the network is great. The WiFi/3G is great and we are assuming the the 4G LTE will be just as good.


To start off Honeycomb put simply is a great way to use a tablet. From the new graphics, to a OS built for tablets, it is just better all around. It also fits much better on a tablet. Lets start off with what you first see when you go to use the tablet. You see a new lock-screen. This one is a lock in the middle of a circle. You then drag the lock to the unlocked symbol on the outside of the circle. Once you do this you are in. The 3D Graphics look amazing on the XOOM. Each page is bigger which means you can fit more widgets and apps. This is really widgets galore with honeycomb. The OS is also much much faster than the original Android OS that was run on tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The browser is also very nice. The apps run great on the new OS. “CNN” has a new app that was specifically designed for the tablet. This app brings you the latest and greatest news updates from CNN. It also highlights some of the top stories of the day. The app runs so well on Honeycomb and the XOOM because it was designed for the Android Tablets. You can also see that in the upcoming weeks there will be many apps being released that are specially designed for the Tablet. While the prices of these apps may be a little higher than regular apps the are well worth it because of the great compatibility they come with. Overall the OS and the Apps are great and work superbly with Honeycomb.

Cameras & Video-Chat’s

There are 2 cameras on the XOOM. One is on the back and one is on the front. The camera on the back is of course better quality, but the one on the front is not to shabby. The camera on the back is comparably to digital camera. There are many great effects that are available to use. First of all the camera is very simple to use. This is one thing that makes it so great. You can do zoom in and add effects to the photo just for starters. The back camera can also record video in HD. And right from the camera app you can share it on many different networks. The front facing is camera is Great for taking photos of yourself and it is also great for Video-Chatting with GoogleTalk. The quality is pretty good and it works quite well. One thing that is bad about is your arms may get tired from holding the tablet straight out in front of you for video-chatting. Also one thing that we did experience was the quality of video on the computer. We tested it out by Video-Chatting from the XOOM to a computer. The quality of the XOOM on the computer was very fuzzy. The quality of the computer on the XOOM was superb. So, it may depend on your connection. Overall the Camera’s and Video-Chat’s Features on the XOOM are awesome, it may be the best thing about the unit.

Bottom Line

First of all lets give you the pricing of the XOOM. One issue is that it is a little. The XOOM with a 2-year contract from Verizon is $599.99. While it the price may be a little high/pricy it is well worth it. With out a contract the price is $799.99. So if you are going to buy we suggest you get it with the 2-year contract. Overall the XOOM is great if you’ve been waiting for Android Tablet, with an OS Specifically made for the Tablet; The XOOM is for you! If you’ve been waiting for 10.1 inch screen then The XOOM is for you! The XOOM is a great product, that is basically “future-proff”. You can order it here: . We would also like to Thank Verizon for providing us with the Motorola XOOM.




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