As many of you know, Japan was recently hit with an 8.9 earthquake which also caused a 33 ft tsunami to ravage the coasts of the pacific.  As a result of this catastrophe, a nuclear power plant in northern Japan is on the verge of meltdown, which would cause serious problems in the event of it happening.  The plant consists of six individual reactors each one works by splitting large atoms like uranium on the subatomic level creating smaller particles as well as large amounts of heat.  This heat is used to boil water which then powers a steam generator.  The water also acts as a coolant to the reactor stopping the heat from building up to much preventing an explosion.  When the earthquake hit, the power lines going to and from the station were knocked out as well as the plants back up generators.  Due to a lack on power, the pumps that carry water to the reactor failed resulting in a build up of heat withing the reactor.  An explosion occurred in first reactor luckily not in the main core but it did not do anything to help the problem.  The buildup of energy continues as Water is desperately rushed into the facility to cool down the reactors.  Everyone who currently has a residence within 12.6 miles of the facility have been evacuated in the event of a meltdown as well as due to high radiation levels around the plant.  Residence within a 6 mile radius of another nearby facility have also been evacuated.  Officials plan on handing out iodine tablets to anyone in these areas because it will help stop the absorption of radiation.  Our thoughts are with our friends in Japan. We hope for a quick recovery from the Earthquake and Tsunami. If you would like to help, text “REDCROSS” to the number “90999“. This will donate $10 to help Japan.  Also if you know someone that may have been in the earthquake click here to find out where they are and what happened to them.


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