We gave you the UnBoxing of the Virgin Mobile Broadband2GO and now we have the full review. Overall it is a great device for WiFi, but it all depends on if they have a good network near you. There will be a photo gallery at the end but for now, lets get started with the review.

The Unit(Ovation MC760) & Pricing

The unit it self is the size of a thumb drive. It is essential a thumb drive that gives you Internet anywhere. It’s a pretty cool idea when you think about. There is no contract with the unit. It is pre-paid. You buy the amount of Internet connectivity you want and you use it. The unit it self cost $79.99. It’s not that cheap but, it does what it needs to do. Then you buy the service. Now here is where it might get confusing. There are “2” options of service that you choose from. For $10 you get 100MB but, you have to use it with in 10 days. For $50 you get unlimited Internet for that Month. The 3G speeds for the Unlimited are up to 2.5GB. This is not that bad at all speed wise. Some people will think this is a little pricy. However if you are someone who uses the Internet a lot and travels. The unlimited plan could very well be for you. However we see the unit more appealing to the occasionally Internet user, someone who checks it only a couple times a week. It would cost you $10 for 100MB that would last you for 10 days. It would be enough for surfing the web and checking you mail. So if you are a occasional Internet user the Ovation MC760 for Virgin Mobile is great for you!


One thing that happens with any WiFi anywhere device is that if that company does not have a good network connection near you, you will not have a good connection for your Internet via that device. The Virgin Mobile Broadband2GO runs on Sprints 3G network. Luckily Sprint covers most of the country so this means that you will most likely have a good connection. At times when we were testing it out the Internet connection was not that fast. We expected this because Sprint’s 3G coverage is so-so in our area. For the most part it worked fine though. It also did not give us that great of a connection when it was windy or when it was raining heavily outside. Overall the speeds were very good besides for those situations we mentioned. If you want to see if your covered go to this site: http://www.virginmobileusa.com/check-cell-phone-coverage . If you have good coverage the unit will/should work fine for you.

Bottom Line

Overall the Virgin Mobile Broadband2GO Ovation MC760 is a great device! The price is not that bad for the modem it self, but its up to you to decide on the pricing for the plan you get. We see it being used more by someone who uses the Internet occasionally or only ever so often. The $10 plan for 100MB over a 10 day period would work great for you. If you are a traveler who is looking for an Internet anywhere device, that plans to use it a lot. The $50 unlimited plan for month is great for you. Just make sure the places you go are covered by the Network. The price of the Ovation MC760 is $79.99 plus the plan you decide. Remember that it is not a contracted unit, it is pre-paid. You can buy the Virgin Mobile Broadband2GO Ovation MC760 here: http://www.virginmobileusa.com/mobile-broadband/ovation-mc760.html . We would like to thank for Virgin Mobile for providing us with the Virgin Mobile Broadband2GO Ovation MC760.



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