Hey everyone.  I come to you today not to bring you the latest, or the greatest, or the revolutionary; but what I do bring you is a very simple concept that is very amusing.  Minecraft, not much more then blocks, is a game by Markus Persson and has been under development since about May tenth, 2009.  The game was released onto the P.C. as a beta testing version for about $20 and they have announced versions for mobile app stores and for the X-Box 360 console.  The game consists of a very large world that expands the farther you go.  the world is made of three dimensional blocks of different sorts like wood, grass, dirt, stone, and many others.  you can collect these blocks and place them where you want creating buildings, and mines and towers, and you can use these raw materials to create other things like tools that help you progress.  But it is not all fun and games because when night hits monsters come out and you must defend yourself or hide until morning comes.  At first I did not see what the big deal with this game was.  You would not think that a bunch of blocks would be fun; but after purchasing the game and playing it for about 5 minutes I realized that I would never want to stop.  The game does a great job of making you want to progress as you find new ways to use your materials and discover new blocks or create new useful tools.  As time goes on you slowly build up and create lots of cool places or very large fortresses.  Although the game is very fun it has many glitches and you don’t have to exploit them they just happen.  All in all it is a very good game and I would defiantly put it on your wishlist.


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