Unfortunate things are developing  at the nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan.  All workers attempting to halt the meltdown process had to evacuate the facility to to a very large radiation spike.  Due to this the plant was not being cooled down, sending it closer to the dreaded Meltdown.  The radiation levels dropped into a safe level and workers resumed their attempts to stop this crisis.  If the Reactor reaches the point of meltdown, the effects will be felt not only in Japan but here in the United States.  Within 3 days of meltdown, 3000 rads of radiation will descend on the tip of the Aleutian islands and within 6 days the entire souther coast of Alaska will be experiencing 1500 rads.  10 days after the possible meltdown, 750 rads of energy will have reached as far as Colorado and northern Mexico.  Although all this radiation will be released no one in these areas is going to drop dead in a few seconds.  The most likely outcome is an increase in cancer rates, particularly in the areas of higher exposure.  Our thoughts are with our friends in Japan and with the heroes trying to prevent further destruction. We hope for a quick recovery from the Earthquake and Tsunami. If you would like to help, text “REDCROSS” to the number “90999“. This will donate $10 to help Japan.  Also if you know someone that may have been in the earthquake click here to find out where they are and what happened to them.


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