Well we are now less than a week away from the release of the Nintendo 3DS. We got a hands on with it earlier this evening at our local Game-Stop. There were 4 units and they were chained to the tables. It has been kept under lock and key, and know we finally got our hands on it.

First Thoughts

The unit comes in to colors, blue and black. It is a little bit bigger than other DS models. The unit is also a little heavier than the other ones. It can become 3D at any time while using the device. There is a simple tab on the side, to determine how much 3D you would like. It is pretty easy to use, same controls that are found on the models. Overall it is a pretty nice unit.

3D Quality

While 3D can never be perfect, the 3D on the DS is not the best we have seen. While it does make it look a little 3D, we are pretty disappointed with the 3D on the unit. In some games it is better than other. One pretty cool feature is that you can take 3D photos, however when you view them they may not look that great. And on a computer if you don’t have a 3D screen you cant view it very well. Overall the 3D is not the best, but does what it needs to do.

Camera App

The camera app is very basic, almost no changes except for the fact of being able to shoot in 3D. The zoom is pretty good, but there are not really other effects you can add to the camera lens. Overall the camera will be nice to use for simple photos.

Bottom Line

The bottom line for the unit, is that if you want some-what ok 3D gaming it will be good. If you want the latest new technolgoy in hand held gaming from Nintendo then you should get the 3Ds. Netflix is not comign til


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