Well folks the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived (well actually I don’t know if you were waiting for it but I know I was).  Crysis 2 has finally been released in the U.S.  Yesterday, after waiting until 6:00 to get home and about 7:00 for the 9GB file to download on to my computer, I finally had a chance to play the second installment of the Crysis franchise (yes I know Crysis Warhead was the second game but it was more of an expansion so I don’t count it).  After playing it for about 5 hours I am going to tell what I think of it so far.

General Game Play(Nanosuit, AI (Enemies/Friendlies), Weapons)

This game has very easy to learn controls.  On the console it follows the basic layout of most FPS games so if you play a lot of this genre of game, picking this up wont take you more than ten seconds, and on the PC it also follows basic controls with a few variations, a little harder to get used to but not out of reach.  Although the controls might be easy, mastering the Nanosuit and your weapons can take a while.  Crytek did a very good job with their “Be The Weapon” slogan for this game because their are so many ways to use your suit to take down your enemies.  Unlike most FPS, you don’t rely solely on your gun but rather on your suit functions.  Figuring out how to use the Nanosuit to fit your own style of play can take some figuring out and the suits many functions like armor, stealth, ground slam, slide, power kick, sprint, super jump, and many others, can be rewarding but requires a lot of thinking.  Running and gunning usually doesn’t work in this game.  The AI in the game or NPC’s as they are also called are very well done.  The enemies are difficult but not impossible and behave in realistic fashion like taking cover when damaged or shooting around your general location to find you when you are in

stealth mode.  The AI on your side actually help you fight but if you don’t help them, then you have a problem.  The weapon selection is limited to about 15 or so guns but unlike the first Crysis, All the weapons can be useful.  In Crysis 1 the only 2 really useful guns were the gauss rifle and the SCAR which is not the case in Crysis 2.  Combined with the Nanosuit, these weapons wreak havoc on your enemies but don’t make you indestructible, which adds to the realism of the game.  Overall I give Crysis 2 a general game play rating of 9 out of 10.

The Story

Crysis 2 has an engaging story that keeps you on your feet from start to finish.  The game takes place in New York City in 2023.  The world has been devastated by natural disasters, the most recent being an alien pathogen know as the Manhattan Virus.  The virus has consumed the people of New York and has killed thousands.  To make matters worse, Cell(CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics), has declared martial law over the city and are harshly treating the people.  And even worse than that, aliens known as the Ceph show up and start destroying what is left of the city and the people, Not a good day for the people of New York.  “Prophet”, a formerly in spec ops and also your commander from the first game, is being hunted by CELL and when his backup’s submarine is destroyed by the Ceph, The only survivor is Alcatraz who is the person you play as.  Prophet takes you to an abandoned building and you discover that he is infected by the virus.  He gives you the suit telling you that you are his only chance and then kills himself before the virus does.  Fending for yourself, you meet up with key characters like Nathan Gould, a scientist working with Prophet, and Hargreave, the C.E.O. of CryNet which is the company that runs CELL and makes the Nanosuits.  Eventually you find some marines and help them evacuate citizens and take out as many Ceph and CELL forces as possible.  More detail and what happens at the end you will have to discover for yourself (I hate spoiling things).  Crysis 2 had me hooked beginning to end.  It fills in many gaps left from the first game but unlike most sequels, it is an entirely new game and you don’t need to have played Crysis to figure it out.  Also sort of unrelated to the story but not worth getting its own paragraph, The soundtrack for this game is very good.  When I was surrounded with no ammo and no friends nearby, the music kept me going and helped me succeed.  Overall I give Crysis 2 a story rating of 8 out of 10.


OK so we have already seen what the multiplayer looks like from the demo release about a month ago.  The only differecy between that and the full version is more weapons, maps, and game modes which is to be expected after all it was just a demo.  You take control of a Nanosuit wearing CELL operative or Marine and are pitted against the opposition in an array of game modes across rooftops, shipping yards, parking garages, and many other locations.  The multiplayer in this game is a huge step up from Crisis multiplayer.  The suit works like a charm and its difficult to go against others who also have it.  It is very faces paced and if your not on your toes you will get stealth killed.  Weapons are balanced and allow a new player to be just as useful to the team as someone who has played for weeks (and yes that is possible at this point because their was a demo).  Personally, I am not a big fan of FPS multi player but this game makes me keep coming back for more.  Overall I give Crysis 2 a multi player rating of 8 out of 10

Overall thoughts

all in all I give this game an 8.5 out of 10.  It has great features and game play as well as a cinematic story and ridiculously fun multi player.  I would put this game on your wish list if not your buy list.  Crytek have outdone themselves with this and I hope to see more like this from them in the future.  So go buy Crysis 2 and watch your back for invisible super soldiers.



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