NVIDIA has just announced that their newest graphics card, the GTX 590 has been released.  This card is the newest in their Geforce 500 series and is also the most powerful Geforce card ever made.  It has 2 GPU’s on board each with 512 CUDA cores so there are a total of 1024 cores in the card.  It also has 3GB of GDDR5 video RAM and a clock speed of 1215 MHZ.  It is SLI enabled (SLI is NVIDIAS multiple graphics card technology similar to ATI Crossfire)  and requires 365 watts of power.  One more feature of this card is that it has a very efficient cooling system which allows the fan to run very quietly even when the card is pushed to max potential.  This card was deemed the current fastest graphics card in existence.  NVIDIA has finaly dethroned the ATI 5970 which up until this point , was the fastest card and even the GTX 580, NVIDIA’s previously best card couldn’t beat it.  NVIDIA boasts that the 590 can run Crysis 2 on the highest setting and get about 50 frames per second on one of these cards.  That is defiantly something to boast about.  This card looks like it going to be some hot stuff but its retail value of about $700 dollars might make it a rare find let alone in an SLI system.  This card will most likely be best used for those who don’t have a budget when buying a computer with the best of the best.  I don’t think many people will buy this card mainly because it is very expensive and less expensive cards like the NVIDIA GTX 580, the NVIDIA GTX 570, The AMD 6970, and the AMD 6950 will perform very well for less money.  Despite this, it is a very good card and if you have the money I would suggest buying it.


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