So there are a lot of people out there looking for good audio.  There are pretty much two options for this, speaker systems, or headphones/headsets.  I have found that headphones/headsets have better sound quality (my opinion you can think other wise) and when looking to buy one there are many options.  Razer, a company that produces very high quality computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, audio)  usually for gaming, has a line of very good quality gaming headsets for both consoles and computers.  Their mid ranged one, the Chacharias, cost about $80 and is a 2.1 analog headset with a noise canceling 2.1 microphone.  They were released a while ago but their quality deserves recognition.  To begin with the sound quality on these are phenomenal.  I have heard sounds i did not even know existed in movies, songs, games, and anything else that has an audio track.  The lowest hertz the speakers in the Chacharias can produce is 20 Hz  and the highest is 20,000 Hz which is the range of perfect human hearing (almost no one has perfect hearing but most people can be close).  Because of this the bass in this headset is phenomenal, any lower and you literally couldn’t hear it.  The earphones are not noise canceling but the audio is so good that outside noise does not interfere with the sounds being produced from your headset.  Is is a circumaural design which means it goes around your ears and unlike most headsets of this quality, it is very comfortable.  I can wear it for hours and forget I have it on.  While the earphones don’t cancel noise the microphone does which is a very nice feature.  This allows you to record or talk online without worry of picking up unwanted noise.  Also it can rotate 270 degrees for versatility.  My verdict: If you are looking for a quality headset for under $100, buying this one is one of the best things you can do.


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