We were live at Game-Stop early this morning to catch the Launch of the Nintendo 3DS. We went to our Local Game-Stop. When we got there there was around 10 people outside waiting to get in. They were very excited for it. Keep in mind many of them had already pre-ordered the game, from Game-Stop. They also had a good amount of the Unit’s and the Games on hand. They were also very good about making the lines move quickly. One young kid said, “I am very excited to get. It looks good”. He was able to get his very quickly and walked out with it in his hands. One other person we met with said this, ” I played it earlier at one of the demo events. It was awesome to finally see it. My old DS was kind getting worn out, so i deiced to get the new one; Either i would have gotten it. I also got a copy of “Street Fighter 4″. I was also surprised that it was one of there launch titles, but i am happy that i was able to get it. I cant wait to open it up!”. So people were buying the games that launched. Many were also pre-ordering some of the other titles that are set to be released later this year. So what we want to know is did any of you go out and get a 3DS on day one?


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