Many of you are aware that we have a bit of a problem when it comes to energy.  Oil is our current main power source and it causes lots of pollution and it is non renewable.  Its going to run out eventually and we are going to be left without power.  Many alternatives have been explored like wind, water, solar, and nuclear power, but a new one has just been added to the list.  Researchers as MIT have developed and artificial “leaf”.  This device, which is about as big as a credit card and looks nothing like a leaf, is able to turn water into hydrogen and oxygen in the presence of sunlight much like how a leaf undergoes photosynthesis.  This leaf, while still in its early stages of development, could be used to create renewable energy.  A power plant that uses this device would have to have, A row of these “leaves” on the roof of the building or in a greenhouse, oxygen and hydrogen tanks where the products of the reaction would be stored, and a hydrogen fuel cell where the hydrogen and oxygen are recombined to created energy.  This would be a closed system meaning no fuel would be needed to replace old fuel.  The water goes into the leaves and makes hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen and oxygen go into a fuel cell and make  energy and water, the water goes back to the leaves.  Hopefully, this new technology will help us finally solve our energy woes.


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