First off we would like to thank Virgin Mobile for sending us this phone to review.  I would also like to apologize for not posting an unboxing video.  But enough of that lets get to the phone.  It is an android phone and has all the standard android applications and general feel of an android phone but Virgin Mobile has added their own personal touch to this phone that makes it unique from all the other android phones out there like a unique unlock screen and some Virgin Mobile pre-installed applications.  As for the specifications, the Optimus has a 3.2 inch screen with a resolution of 360 by 480, a 600 MHZ Qualcomm processor, 140 MB of memory, and a 5 hour battery life.  Most of this is pretty standard for an android phone and like any other smart phone out their, the battery can barely get you through a day.  Despite this their is not much to complain about especially because I have yet to see a smart phone that doesn’t run out of charge after a day of use.  The touch screen is very responsive but a little difficult to use because the screen is on the smaller side.

One thing most people forget about smart phones is that it is just a phone that has a lot of fancy software and internet connection.  What this phone excels at is being an ordinary phone.  Call quality is very good and the person talking to you is very clear and easy to hear.  The speaker phone is not great but better than most phones because it is also much clearer than an average phone.  Texting is really easy using the messaging application and its almost like Instant messaging or Facebook chat on the computer.  Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network and while it is a decent network, coverage can be a little scarce in some areas but for the most part it is OK.  

Now one disappointing aspect of this phone is that it is a 3G phone and does not have 4G support.  Since Sprint boasts that it was the first 4G network, Virgin Mobile should utilize that feature if they are using the Sprint Network.  4G has much faster data speeds and can be as fast as a wireless internet connection.  Having said that, the 3G speeds on this phone are sufficient for downloading applications, watching videos, and most of the phones other data functions.

Well I have to say overall it is a quality product.  Its got a solid feel, solid specifications, and solid software.  If you are looking to buy a smart phone I would consider this one as a option but I would not recommend it as a must have product.  As I said before the lack of 4G would be a reason to consider anther phone but if that is not a factor for what you want then everything else about this phone is worth it.


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