What would happen if you combine the three things mentioned in this title, you would get the Megaminxer robot.  This robot, created by David Gilday, is constructed out of Legos and it is powered by Lego Mindstorms NXT, and an HTC Desire Android phone.  This robot was designed and created for one sole purpose, to solve the difficult Megaminx puzzle.  This puzzle is very similar to a Rubik’s Cube, but it has twelve sides making the task of solving it much more difficult.  The Megaminxer uses the Desire’s camera to scan the faces of the mixed puzzle, then creates a solution to the puzzle using a custom application.  The phone then sends the directions to the Lego Mindstorms NXT controller using a Bluetooth connection.  Using a series of Lego motors and other moving parts, the controller manipulates the puzzle, spinning it to and fro, until the puzzle is solved.  This may not be the first Rubik’s Cube solving robot but it is the first to solve one with twelve sides.  To see this puzzle solver in action check out these videos: www.youtube.comwww.youtube.com


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