Telepathy is something out of science fiction and super hero movies.  The  ability to control things with your mind is hard to fathom.  But the days of actually doing things are coming to an end and the start of an era where you can do things without lifting a finger are beginning.  A team of researchers at Washington University have successfully devised a way to control a computer mouse with someones mind.  A few brave volunteers had plastic pads containing electrodes planted beneath their skull.  Previously, similar test have been conducted but with sensors outside the skull, and research has shown that being inside the skull shows more brain activity, making it easier to decipher what is going on.  The test subjects were able to control a computer mouse cursor by thinking the sounds ah, eh, ee, and oo.  This is a very rudimentary form of mind controlled devices and not much should be expected to be done with this technology.  More advanced forms of deciphering brain activity must be done before you can think what you want to happen on your computer screen instead of thinking in vowel sounds.  


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