The United States Navy has some pretty cool gadgets at their disposal, and the newest of these high tech science fiction devices is none other than a weaponized laser.  When you think of lasers you probably think of sci-fi shows where green and red flashes of light fly across the screen and explode when they hit their target; that or you think of industrial lasers which do not do much more than replace saws in cutting hard objects.  Northrop Grumman is an aerospace and defense company who is responsible for construction all current U.S. supercarriers including the Nimitz class carrier and the upcoming Gerald R. Ford class carrier.  This company created a laser weapons platform called FIRESTRIKE.  The laser destroyed 4 unmanned air vehicles in a preliminary test and set a powerboat aflame in a second testing.  This laser requires 15 kilowatts of power which is a lot, but if you place them on a large Navy vessel with a nuclear reactor, power wont be much of an issue.  These laser weapons could be the key to future Naval warfare.  A ship will no longer need to carry explosive ammunition for large cannons, reducing the danger of secondary explosions in the event of an impact from an explosive of sorts.  I am sure many of you think this sounds like science fiction and you are right; but as science progresses, fiction becomes reality and our perception of the future will come much sooner than expected.


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