Since 2006, the Flip video camera was a huge success and has now been killed by Cisco. This is because Cisco is exiting the consumer electronics business to focus on five main areas: core routing, switching and services, collaboration, architectures, and video.  What most users liked about the Flip was its simplicity. Even my 83 year old grandma can use it with ease. Recently Smartphone makers keep on improving their cameras to compete with full fledged cameras and to compete with other Smartphone manufacturers. Some Smartphone’s now have the capability to shoot video at 1080p, and have an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash. Even some phones such as the Evo 3D, and the LG Thrill, and the tablet called the T-Mobile G-Slate have 1080p 3d cameras.  The advantages of having a Smartphone instead of a dedicated camera have outnumbered the advantages of a Flip camera because of the portability, and the access to streaming videos and photos to your TV through HDMI, and the ability to share your photos to any social media hub you want. With the rising quality increase in Smartphone cameras, the need for a full fledged camera is becoming more obsolete over time



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