The Sprint HTC Evo Shift is in the same family as the Sprint EVO. They are both 4G Phones on Sprint’s 4G Network. The HTC Evo Shift has a smaller screen size than the Evo or the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. However it is much thicker than the Evo because of it’s slide out keyboard. However people who like having an actual keyboard will prefer the Evo Shift over the Evo. So lets get started with the full review on the Evo Shift.


HTC Evo Shift Hardware

The HTC Evo Shift is not the best phone on the market, but it is also not the worst. It is the base model of the Evo if you will. It is the low key version of it’s brother the Evo. This does not mean that the phone is not good though. It has a fast 00MHz Qualcomm MSM7630 CPU. This same CPU is also found in the TMobile G2 and the My Touch 4G. So, it is a very fast processor. The screen size is 3.6inches, like we said it smaller than that of the Evo’s. It has HTC Sense running on top of Android 2.2 . It also has the 4G WiMax, so it can connect to the Sprint’s 4G Network. It is thick and heavy phone, we assume most of the wight comes out of the slide out keyboard. This is were most of the thickness comes from. From a first glance the color look black but it a dark royal blue. This is noticeable one you look at the phone more carefully. Overall the hardware on the Evo Shift is pretty nice.


Operating System

The HTC Evo Shift from Sprint is running HTC Sense on top of Android 2.2 . While some people don’t like HTC Sense, i think it is a very nice touch to the Android OS. It can either make the phone better or worse for you. It comes preloaded with many of Sprint’s apps. Such as Sprint TV, and Sprint Nascar. It also comes with the Kindle app, which comes on all of Sprints Smart-Phones that can run it. The Android Market is very easy to use. The OS it self is very nice and runs very well on the HTC Evo Shift.



The network is were we found the problems. It maybe that Sprint’s network is not the best here. First off one thing that we did not like about the phones 4G Network is that you have to “Scan For It” you self. It does not automatically pick up the network. The other 4G Networks/Phones do pick up the network automatically, hope fully this is not the same with the other 4G Phones Sprint offers. The 3G Network itself, is not that quick either. We feel that fats network is important for a smart phone. This is something the Evo Shift 4G does not do. We hope to see future improvements to Sprint’s Network. Please keep in mind that in our area Sprint’s Network is not the best, hopefully they will be improving our network area very soon. Overall the Network all depends on how well there network is in your area. Sprint makes many network improvements through out the year, fi your not covered yet. It is most likely coming to you very soon.


Bottom Line

The Sprint HTC Evo Shift is an overall good phone. While it is not complex as the other smart phones out there, it does get the job done. The network problems we encountered were because of Sprint’s Network in our area. Most likely in your area the speeds are much higher. The OS on the phone is great, it is your standard Android with HTC Sense running on top of it. The camera is the same app on all of the HTC Smart-phones from this time, it does what it needs to do; remember that it is a cell phone not a full fledged DSLR camera. Overall we would recommend the HTC Evo Shift 4G to someone who is looking for a simple smart-phone with a slide out keyboard.The price of the phone is $150.00 with a 2-year contract. You can see the HTC Evo Shift 4G Here. We would like to thank Sprint for letting us review the HTC Evo Shift 4G.



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