On April 12, the newest DLC for Magicka was released. In a game based on Norse mythology, a Vietnamese war zone is an unlikely choice of setting. As you might know, Magicka is a game all about combining eight different elements into unique spells which can be cast four different ways. Experimentation is the heart of this adventure, and the surroundings of this downloadable pack is perfect to further inspire your inner fire of destruction. New Vietnam-era weapons are added to your arsenal, and a single new magick, napalm strike, is introduced. This area-clearing, death-from-above iconoclast is sure to infuse fear into the hearts of your enemies, or just burn them to a pulp. Now, although we were hoping for more campaign levels, Arrowhead Game Studios and Paradox Interactive have created two new challenge levels; a crisp scenario challenge and one difficult survival challenge. You can pick up this extension for just $4.99.


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