Kholer (the toilet maker) has now made a new toilet. The Kholer Numi is a smart toilet that trumps the average toilet in every aspect except price. What makes this toilet expensive and “super” is its ability to customize it. The toilet is capable of adjusting seat position, water temperature and pressure, ambient lighting, and audio. The toilet not only has built-in speakers, but also has an FM radio and an audio input jack that lets you put in your mp3 device. The toilet also has a heated seat, and a foot warmer. The toilet automatically raises the seat when you walk by, and when u walk away it automatically flushes. The Numi will cost $6,400. With that you will get the toilet and a remote control with a touch-screen that lets you adjust all of the settings to your liking. No matter how much you pay for a toilet you still use it for the same purpose.



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