From the makers of Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein, a new first-person shooter is born. Sometimes called the “creators of the FPS genre”, id Software has forged a post-apocalyptic world controlled by lawless clans of bandits. Set in the United States, the player is a surviver of a civilization-toppling meteor that collided with Earth. The stunning wasteland is beautifully created and runs on the new id Tech 5 engine. With a slight RPG element, Rage has an AI program that none can match. Enemies come from challengingly distinct clans. One of such, the Ghost clan, is very acrobatic. Their members flip, climb and maneuver in ways that augment their fighting style. The Ghost clan uses only melee weapons. Distance is your friend when facing these agile baddies. Each clan has different strategic advantages and weaknesses. In your adventures, only four weapons are available at a time, each with four ammo types to cycle through. One combination to anticipate is the crossbow. It can fire electrified bolts. When your victims are wet, the results are shocking (no pun intended). There are also really cool off-hand weapons, such as a walking spider turret and a homing boomerang which decapitates foes. All this plus mind-blowing graphics, and we haven’t even talked about the multi-player. Rage is defiantly one to look forward to, expect to find it September, 2011.


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