The artwork in Sword and Sworcery is freakin awesome. Even after playing just the first “session” (similar to a level or chapter), I am amazed. Sword & Sworcery EP is an eight-bit adventure, with a strange man in a suit narrating your tale. This app is proof that the tablet device’s full potential is quite impressive. A point-and-click, as are many for devices, is controlled smoothly and precisely. The game itself was built around the soundtrack and the soundtrack was written for the game. This makes the interconnection between the two flawless. There is a surprising element in Sword & Sworcery. When the device is in the horizontally-held mode, you can move around and solve puzzles. However, when the device is rotated 90 degrees, the Scythian (the character you play as), will draw her sword and take out her shield. There are only 3 other characters in the game- Logfella, a woodcutter; Dogfella, his pet dog; and Girl, a mysterious monk. Thanks to the entire game consisting of only 140 displayed letters (less than this review), most of the story is up to you to interpret. Sword and Sworcery is out “right the heck now” and can be purchased for $4.99 on app stores.


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