The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is the newest phone to the Boost Mobile Network. It is also there new CDMA Phone. It is an Android Smartphone as well. The phone is designed very nicely, it has a 3.5 inch screen. Phones that have a smaller screen are not as good. The quality of the screen is great. It is a great phone just from our first impressions with the unit. There will be a photo gallery at the bottom. And now lets get started with the Full Review of the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail.


Video Review



The design of the Samsung Galaxy Prevail is unique to this phone. The screen is 3.5 inches, the whole body of the phone is 4.4 inches. So the screen takes up a majority of the front of the phone. The phone has 3 actual buttons on it. Those would be the power button, volume rocker, and the camera button. Under the screen there are 4 touch buttons. Those would be the menu, home, back, and search buttons. These are found on almost any android phone on the market. The phone is a nice black color, with rim of silver going around it. It says Samsung and Boost Mobile on the front of the phone. On the back you have the camera, a speaker, and it says Samsung on the bottom. It has a good amount of name son the phone. Your headphone jack is on the top of the phone. While the micro USB port is on the bottom of the phone. Overall the design of the phone is very nice. It is not to heavy or thick, It is also very comfortable to hold in your hand.



The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is Boost Mobiles first CDMA Phone, that runs Android 2.2 Froyo. It is a very powerful network combined with a very powerful OS. This gives you a great experience with the phone. When you first get the phone is comes with a 2GB Micro SD Card, however the slot can hold up to a 32GB Micro SD card. It all depends on how much space you think you will need. If you like a lot of apps, we suggest you expand it to a larger amount of storage. There are really “no major” tweaks made to the OS it self, expect for the fact that there is no “Mobile Hot-spot” capabilities with the phone. Boost Mobile shut it off, however maybe in the near future they will offer it. We will have to wait and see on that one. The screen is size is nice to run apps on, at first you make think it is too small however the whole OS runs great on it. There are man different apps available in the Market Place, so you should have no trouble finding apps that you will love to use on this phone. The keyboard is also very easy to use. The Camera app is the standard Android camera app. However one thing that is special about the Samsung Galaxy Prevail is that you can also take photos using the camera button on the side, instead of using the one that is on the screen. This makes it easier for someone who would rather take a photo the more normal way. It is more like you are using an actual camera instead of a phone. Overall the OS on the Samsung Galaxy Prevail is superb!



Boost Mobiles network is a very good network in our area. We are located in New Jersey, show the tests we show are from our area. Overall the call quality on the unit it self is great. It is almost 100% crystal clear reception. The data speeds are also pretty good. Below you will find our data tests. We used the “SPEEDTEST.NET” app to test our network speeds.


– Download: 104kbps, Upload: 86kbps, Ping: 218ms

– Download:231kbps , Upload:114kbps ,Ping:203ms

-Download:274kbps, Upload:159kbps, Ping:189ms

-Download:252kbps, Upload:88kbps, Ping:125ms

-Download:385kbps, Upload:112kbps, Ping:190ms

-Download:319kbps, Upload:89kbps, Ping:180ms


The network speeds that you will get when using the Samsung Galaxy Prevail all depend on how strong there network is in your area. The plan they are recommending for the phone is the $50 a month plan. It is unlimited talk, text, & web for only $50 a month. It is a very good deal. One reason why Boost Mobile may not have allowed the Mobile Hot spot feature is because they wanted to keep the plan to use there network low. Overall the Samsung Galaxy Prevail has a very good network behind it.


Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy Prevail from Boost Mobile is a awesome smart phone. It is everything you need for a nice basic smartphone. The thing is it can do the stuff that a more complex smartphone can do, it can also do those things very well. It can connect to WiFi which is a great feature about it. It offers everything a smartphone can do for the wonderful price of only $179.99 . While the phone is not available yet, it is available very soon. Check for it in a couple of weeks, we will also let you know when it comes out. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a smartphone that is on a pre-paid plan, or for anyone who wants a smartphone on a good network for not that much money. You can see the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail Here. We would like to thank Boost Mobile for providing us with a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Prevail.




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