The Ark. A huge artificial floating city, with renewable resources. The vision of the future of so many scientists and thinkers. When global warming becomes a reality, many people are in need of a home, so what better place? But with resources spread thin and contact with the mainland cutoff, the Ark is facing civil war. On one side is the Security, a noble anti-terrorist police force, protecting the Founders and their wishes from the Resistance, freedom fighters rebelling against the oppressive Founders and their abuse of the remaining supplies. Brink introduces a whole new way to move around. SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) is the innovative tactical system available to all players. It lets you vault, mantle, climb, and slide in and around the battlefield. Doing so will help you navigate to the many command points in which you can change your class and load out without re-spawning. Each class will have a number of different objectives during the conflict, and experience is awarded for completing these helpful tasks. Earned exp. points allow the player to access the in game shop. Purchases can upgrade your weapons and kits or aid in character customization. Unlike many ultra-realistic first person shooters, Brink’s art style is over exaggerated and is recognizable on sight. Brink is definitely on my wish-list.


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