Asking Ubisoft to create a game that has no guns and is not violence based is asking for alot, but Eric Chahi can do it all. Chahi has not developed a game since 1989’s Another World. Now he’s back, with a brand new title, From Dust. Appearing on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network, the beautifully crafted god game is (hopefully) arriving this spring for around 15 euros (around 20 usd). Assuming control of a god-like entity, players can manipulate the world as they see fit by picking up and dropping land, lava, water, and plants. This stimulation is faster than real life so erosion, fires, and other natural effects upon the environment can change the terrain in minutes, while it would take years in the real world. While the player is not painting the landscape into lush forests and flowing rivers, small villages (when population is maintained) supply the player with special powers such as the ability to freeze water or to repel water. The villagers can learn ancient songs to protect themselves from the natural occurring disasters such as tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. These capabilities, both human and divine, are necessary for success and survival.


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