The highly played and highly rated Madden 12 had just came out with the cover. Many people expected it to be Super bowl winner and MVP Aaron Rodgers or season MVP Tom Brady. The player that is actually going to be on it is a big running sensation on the Cleveland Browns is Peyton Hillis. The way they picked the player on the cover is by America voting. I guess Americas love Peyton Hillis and wanted to see a Cleveland Brown. He did have a great year, but personally he does not compare to Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. America did not choose it by talent but did by likeability. It is cool to have a surprising player because normally it is the MVP of the year. I am somewhat surprised that the cover was Peyton Hillis, but change is always good. The cover is important but the most important thing is the game itself. I love Madden and it is never a let down so I hope this one is just as great.


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