In the past, many cool console mods have been created; decking out previously standard looking Playstations, Xboxs, and Wiis with fancy cases and sometimes mods to the hardware itself.  Most of these mods look pretty cool but none are quite like this custom Wii mod, which was designed and built by Martin Nielsen.  All that remains of the original console is the inner workings and the case has been replace by something that resembles a sci-fi spaceship engine.  Titled the UNLimited Edition, this liquid cooled mod outdoes any other custom Wii in existence.  It has two large coolant tanks on either side of the main console and feeds cooled liquid into a metal box containing the system that is extremely underpowered by this type of cooling method.  But wait theres more, Marin has also included a built in thermometer to ensure that temperatures do not get to high while the Wii is in use.  While the working aspect of it is really unnecessary due to the fact that I have never heard of a Wii that has overheating issues, the two years Martin Nielsen put into this Wii were not entirely futile because this is probably the best looking Wii I have ever seen.


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