There are many people that are at risk of concussions on a daily basis like sports players, soldiers, and construction workers, but quick diagnostics aren’t present on the scene.  That problem has just been solved by the Georgia Tech Research Institute.  They have developed a way to use existing radar technology, like the kind used to measure the speed of moving vehicles, to detect for concussions in the field or on the bench.  The device is programed to measure walking patterns and observe how the person in question moves.  A difference has been observed in  the walking patterns of healthy individuals than those who are impaired.  In a test of this device, 10 people were asked to walk for 30 seconds under different conditions like normal walking, walking and saying the months backwards, and walking while wearing goggles that simulate being drunk.  In this test, the device was able to calibrate itself to these individuals and detect the differences in the way they walked, then it figured out which trials were most like having a concision.  putting a radar like this on the sideline or in the trenches could help detect concussions before they threaten lives.


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