2011 New York International Auto Show

This years show was great! It was filled with many new cars and some great new auto technology. It looks like a very bright future for the Entire Auto Industry. Overall the show was the same size as years past. There were a lot of people there as well, this shows that there is still a lot of interest in the Auto Industry. Below you will find our detailed analysis on specific car makers that were the best of the show. So lets get started!



As usual, BMW had quite a large display. They took about a quarter of the floor display this year. They were also sporting some many great cars. Our favorite was the new “i” brand. There complete electric car. It was not it’s north American debut though. They will be having a test program in the US later this year or early next year. It would be $499 a month to get the car. However you would have to buy the charger for your home. This is not included with the $499 a month. There fore it may not be the best deal. However we do believe that electric car’s are the future and if this is true, BMW may have the next great idea.



Toyota had on hand at the auto show some of there concept prius’s. Such as the Prius C. It is a nice idea, but we are not sure when it will come to the market. It hurts for us to say this but  many companies are putting out electric concept cars when they need to be coming to market. Not be made on the drawing board and then be thrown out. Toyota had on hand some of the new Prius that will be coming to market as well.



Ford has a very special car at the Auto Show. They had “Ken Blocks” racing car. Ken Block is a racer, they had his awesome car there. This thing is a beauty from the paint on the outside to the engine under the hood, it is all working at 110%. This is a car that can go fast, and it ways almost nothing so that he can go fast. This was an awesome car to see. Ford also had some other great cars on display. Including some of there new electric cars and some of there new trucks.


Overall the 2011 New York International Auto Show was a great show to see! It brings good hope to the future of the Industry. How ever the prices of the Trucks have been dropping, you may be able to get a brand new truck for very cheap. This is all because of high and rising price of gas.  However the Auto Show is still a great place just to go and see some of the worlds greatest and latest tech innovations.


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