Another ten dollar steam game. What makes this one stand out? Dragons. Traveling far across the land, the valiant knight goes on a quest to save his beloved (and kidnapped) princess. Or maybe the courageous thief attempts to steal from the dragons myriad of gold and treasure. Loyal archers protect their town from a raging fire-beast. Hoard plunges you into a storybook world of the medieval times. Choose your class to combat huge drag- wait, thats not right… Ah, here we are… This game puts you into the shoes, or may i say claws, of the tyrannical, monstrous, despot of the land. The almighty dragon. Challenge your friends (and/or foes) in a hectic battle to amass all the gold in the land. Treasure, Princess rush, HOARD and co-op game-modes can be played online or with CPUs. Personally, I like to steal from other dragons and burn villages that pay them tribute. Other tactics can keep towns from growing, or high-jacking gold carts and wagons. Once enough gold is collected, your dragon is able to allot points in a number of different categories; speed, fire-breath, health, and treasure carrying. I recommend this game because it gives you the part of the dragon, a part that has not yet been fleshed out and overused. Burning villages and fighting knights is also fun :). But the levels are locked into a grid pattern of pre-made maps and is boring. Towns and castles cannot expand past a certain point. If the developers instead made villagers start up towns in many different random locations, I’m sure the interaction between the humans and the player would be much more varied and much more interesting. Another example of a nice game element to maybe introduce (I’m talking to you Big Sandwich Games) would be wars between towns loyal to enemy dragons, in which the players have much influence. Even without these features, heaping treasure and razing civilization has never been so priceless, that it was only ten dollars. You can find this magical title on Playstation 3, PSP, PC, and Mac.


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