Anomaly-Warzone Earth is a tower defence game, where you play the part of the attackers. A slide of the scroll wheel, opens up the tactile menu, where your course through a maze of enemies can be charted. As the commander of a special unit, you must use different abilities to help your team. repair heals nearby units, smokescreen makes enemies fire wildly into the marked area, decoy forces all towers within the circle of influence to attack a fake unit, and last but not least, air strike lays waste to the targeted tower. Destroying towers and collecting recourses earn money, which can be spent at any time to buy or upgrade units. This includes APCs, tanks, fire tanks, shield tanks, and more. a stunning story mode drops you into Baghdad and Tokyo to investigate alien crash sites throughout 14 maps. Skirmish adds more maps to your battlefield and to the fun. Over all, I give Anomaly-Warzone Earth a 7.5, and look foward to updates and many a DLC pack.


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