Ahh the good old days. Ones of pillaging, war, brave knights and sly thieves. Although this game is on its older side, Mount and Blade most defiantly encompasses a man’s(or women’s) rise to power. The game starts out with a descriptive tutorial that will teach you the basics of fighting with a sword, shield, and a bow. Horseback riding is also a large part of this game, allowing you to move faster and fight better. Upon starting an adventure, a character customization and background questions are presented to me. I picked a man centered around one and two handed weapons (sadly there is no magician or wizard option), and stepped into the Calradia, war-stricken land. A small image of my adventurer on horseback was shown on a map. Towns, villages and castles are laid out in front of me, and i ride over to one of the smaller villages. As I enter, a list of different actions are presented. I choose to recruit some men, and five are willing. With a inexpensive one Denar a day, we set off. We quickly picked up the tracks of some looters. My small band chased them down, and when the rotten scoundrels saw us, they demanded to be payed either a fee or with our lives. Rushing the scum, my men and I cut them down, one by one. outnumbered 8 to 6, we surprisingly only lost one man that day. That was only a very small fraction of Mount and Blade. Now, this is an old game, and the visuals are not the best, but even after just ten minuets of playing had me captivated. If you like RPGs and strategy games, I can highly recommend Mount and Blade.


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