Unfortunately, their are many blind or vision impaired people in the world.  While the majority of the population does not have a severe vision impairment, enough do that most public things that involve text, like the buttons in an elevator, also have braille for those who cannot see.  Most of these people have toned their touch senses enough so that they can zip through these braille text as fast as their finger can go across it, but a new concept called the Snail Braille Reader could make it even easier for the vision impaired as well as provide a translator for those of us who cant tell a “:” from a “:.“.  This devices proposed design looks like a headless snail, and has some pretty cool features planned.  It will  be able to read braille text and then play it back to the reader via a built in speaker, or through a Bluetooth connection to a headset.  Not only that but it will be able to store information allowing playback of previously read pieces of text.  For power, it will be self charged by kinetic generators so when you move it around, including when you are using it, it will charge itself up so you don’t have to.  The Snail is still in early development stages but with some time and some proper funding, this device can become a standard for the blind to use to read.


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