Thanks to the Wright Brothers, we have the ability to travel across the world via an airplane.  Unfortunately with current technology, airplanes require enormous amounts of fuel to keep it in the air.  Not only is it expensive, but it is extremely bad for the environment.  As our fuel supplies run out and as the earths climate slowly gets warmer, we will need a new kind of flying machine that does not run on unclean fossil fuels.  Captain Bertrand Piccard (no not the one from Star Trek) and Andre Borschber plan on circumnavigating the world in a solar powered flyer.  The plane has a 200 foot wingspan and is covered in 12,000 solar cells.  Their plane has already performed two successful tests one where it stayed aloft for 26 hours straight, and another where it completed its first international flight from Switzerland to Belgium in about 13 hours.  While it might not be the fastest plane that ever flied, it is the most Eco friendly not using an ounce of fuel.  Hopefully this Technology can be perfected to be a practical alternative to gas guzzling airliners.  Best of luck to Andre and Bertrand in their goal of circumnavigating the world with their solar powered plane.


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