Samsung has been showing off some of their cool new breakthroughs.  Recently they demoed a AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) Display that folds in half.  It is made up of two individual screens mad of a flexible silicon plastic as well as an AMOLED display.  The plastic could serve as a touch screen in addition to just protecting the screen itself allowing for fold-able tablets and smart phones to utilize this technology.  After undergoing an intense folding test where the screen was rapidly folded and unfolded 100,000 times, no creases or line was perceivable by the human eye in the tiny gap between the two screens, and their was only a 6% decreases in screen brightness which is almost imperceptible by the human eye.  While this type of screen is not on the market yet, Samsung has announced that in the near future, these screens will be commercially produced.  


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